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LAM TECH Mandrel - Lamellar Machine Continuous Winder

The machine has been designed to produce GRP/GRE pipes by the continuous filament winding method, using an innovative lamellar mandrel system (VEM European patent no. EP1138465).
The system has been designed to manufacture GRP/GRE pipes with diameters from ND 100 to 800 mm, with intermediate diameters, with or without sand filler, hoop and axial resistance, in order to meet low and medium pressure application requirements.

The innovative LAM TECH Mandrel, which substitutes the traditional steel band mandrel, is formed by a shaft with supporting spacer discs calibrated according to the nominal diameter of the pipe under production. The disk grooves house the lamellas, parallel to the shaft axis and to each other in order to form the mandrel. The movement of the lamellas on the shaft is carried out through a cam system, which results in a forward and backward displacement that pushes the pipe over the mandrel.

This system contributes to the reduction of downtimes due to the absence of the steel band breakages, thus, increasing the overall efficiency of the plant. The reduced number of components of the mandrel has made the production process quicker and easier. Besides, it allows one to perform the instantaneous stiffness regulation of the pipe under production by adjusting the inner diameter of pipe before production starts. The lamellas forming the mandrel surface can assume positions different from the initial assembly, thus, determining a new product ID.



LAM TECH Innovative Continuous Mandrel VIDEO



credits: prospero