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COMPOSITE 21 century, May 2011


VEM SpA supports the introduction of GOST R Standard - The Russian market's move towards GRP pipes


VEM SpA, a BSI ISO 9001 certified Italian company, in collaboration with VEM's representative in Russia, ROSCOMPIPE, is committed to finding the best solutions to guarantee quality and competitiveness in GRP continuous pipe production.


In Russia, however, the utilization of GRP pipes is limited, due to the absence of unified national standards. Considering the potential of the current market, such unified national standards in Russia are urgently required.


At present, the Russian composites union "ALLIANCE KTI", is drawing up the GOST R Standard that will be regulating the production and use of pipes made from thermosetting materials, eliminating present hindrances caused by the absence of the necessary ruling. The first edition is scheduled for emission in 2011-2012.


VEM, widely recognised as a manufacturer and supplier of equipment and technologies for the production of GRP pipes, having an extensive knowledge of the advantages of GRP pipes compared to traditional ones, favourably supports the implementation of the GOST R Standard.


GRP pipes are easier to transport and to install thanks to their light weight. They are corrosion resistant, do not require cathodic protection and coating, and less pumping energy is required due to a smoother internal surface. Thanks to all these characteristics and to their durability (50 years average), GRP pies require little maintenance, resulting in the most cost effective solution on the pipe market.

The main fields of application of GRP pipes include:

·         Drinking, industrial and agricultural water supply;

·         Industrial, chemical and power plants;

·         Centralized heating and cooling systems;

·         Oil and gas.


VEM SoA supplieas complete lines for the production o fpipes readu to be laid in place. The range of equipment offered includes CW lines (“Drostholm” type) for large diameter GRP pipes:

·         ND 300 – 600 mm

·         ND 300 – 180 mm

·         ND 300 – 2600 mm

·         ND 300 – 3000 mm

·         ND 300 – 4000 mm

As well as Continuous Lamellar line for small diameter GRP pipes from ND 100 – 800 mm.


VEM offers excellent services thanks to its thorough experience drawn from the dupply of ,more than 40 continuous winding lines in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America. The services comprise all the oimplementation phases , from equipment erection supervision ans commissioning to plant start-up, training of clients’s staff and transfer of production knowà-how. VEM’s specialists are alsi ready to offer their services for local raw material analysis, project fesibility studies, designing specific production solutions, and finally after-sales services.

credits: prospero