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JEC Composites.com, 2011



VEM SpA highlights innovations focused on environmental impact and cost



VEM S.p.A, an ISO 9001 certified company through the British Standards Institution (BSI), is a key player in the Cimtec Holding Group, and has innovative continuous winding technology and engineering services, focusing not only on aspects which ensure the highest level of quality and finished product, but also to allow them to invest in technology which withstands the test of time. In so doing, they are able to overcome current limitations. Constant and in-depth research through its Research and Development branch has lead to innovations in areas such as: styrene emission material and finished product waste reduction and recycling and reduction in energy consumption.

Corporate speech by VEM’s General Manager, Mr. Mauricio Facchinetti, which will be presented at the JEC Paris on Wednesday, VEM S.p.A will focus on the following:

- Lamellar technology

- Pipe diameter measurement device

- Mass flow meters and temperature control of resin and sand

- Sand/resin premixing system Proportional hydraulics on the lifting tables

- IR curing stations with optimized wavelengths


credits: prospero