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Glass Reinforced Plastic is a material made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibers made of glass, also called GFK for Glass Fiber Komposite.
Like carbon fiber reinforced plastic, the composite material is commonly referred to by the name of its reinforcing fibers (fiberglass). The plastic is thermosetting, most often polyester, vinylester or epoxy, but thermoplastic are also used. Inorganic filler could be added during the manufacturing process.

The main advantages are:
1.     Light weight (1/10 of concrete pipes, ¼ of steel pipes)
2.     Lower transportation and installation costs.
3.     Easy installation procedures.
4.     Workability of the material on site.
5.     High mechanical strength.
6.     Better hydraulic performance than steel and concrete.
7.     Absolute impermeability
8.     Corrosion resistance - lower cost and better maintenance.
9.     Low thermal conductivity- reduces condensation problems and the consecutive moisture corrosion.
10.   Anti magnetic, no sparks.
11.   Longer life

The design philosophy of GRP products is to provide suitable properties and the required margin of safety, that will enable pipes, tanks and poles to perform satisfactory after an extended period of operation (more of 50 years) under typical service conditions.
GRP products manufactured through the filament winding technology fully comply with all main international codes and standards (ASTM, BS, DIN, etc.)


credits: prospero