Thanks to the strict criteria applied in the designing, manufacturing and testing phases, and to the strict control of temperature and humidity in the production yards, GRP tanks are the most suitable solution for the storage of chemical, petrochemicals, foodstuffs, fully complying with international standards.

Typical properties that result in application advantages of GRP tanks can be summarized as follows:

Corrosion resistance, both of the external wall and internal wall in contact with the stored fluid.
No protections such as coating, painting or cathodic are needed.
GRP tanks are resistant to nearly all chemicals even at much higher temperatures than other plastic materials.
Higher mechanical resistance due to the glass reinforcement.
Very long, virtually infinite life of the material, which requires no maintenance.
Absolute impermeability of tanks and joints both from external -to internal and vice-versa.
Low weight of tanks, that allows for the use of light   installation and transport equipment.
On site production of large tanks
Workability of the material on sites, utilizing simple equipment.

credits: prospero