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STEEL BAND TECH Mandrel - Continuous Winder Machine

The Continuous Filament Winding - STEEL BAND TECH Mandrel is designed for the production of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes and sleeves.

The steel band mandrel is formed by winding a continuous steel band over horizontal beams inserted in the supporting discs sized according to the internal diameter of the pipe required. The steel band moves in the axial direction sliding over the ball bearings in longitudinal beam grooves. At the end of the mandrel, the steel band is guided by the exit head into the mandrel’s inner tube. On the opposite end of the mandrel near the cam, the steel band is wound on the mandrel again. In this way the steel band forms a smooth surface mandrel and provides a means to move the product in the axial direction.

 The plant is fully computer controlled, based on the continuous filament winding process, in full compliance with A.S.T.M. code D 2996 (Standard Specification for Filament Wound Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipes) type 1, grade 2, class E, and ASTM D3517, ASTM D3754, ASTM D3262, BS 5480:1990, AWWA C950, AWWA Manual M45, EN standards and ISO 10639.


Continuous Filament Winding Machines – STEEL BAND TECH Mandrel

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